Millions of children are forced into human trafficking and child labor in India.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty that feeds these horrific injustices.  



Student Spotlight: Boomika

Four year old Boomika is the third of five girls in her family. Her parents migrated to Bangalore to work in construction. Boomika's older sisters Lakshmi and Pooja are also students in our NEST (Non-formal Education & Skills Training) program.

For $40, you change the life of a child like Boomika.

Boomika's Mom: Testimonial


"In a land where being born as a girl is a bad thing, I gave birth to 5 girls and was humiliated and tortured because I was unable to have a boy.

I used to constantly worry about how I was going to bring up my girls. I could in no way dream of sending my kids to school.

But I'm so very thankful to the NEST program. Three of my girls have access to an education!"

-- Boomika's mom




Boomika loves to sing, play on the swings and color. She is loving, caring, and very bright. Our school protects her while her family works and lets her be a child -- nourishing her body and fueling her dreams.