The cycle of poverty will not be broken unless poor children get a basic education.
— Janice Bellace, Director of the Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business at Wharton

Rippled Purpose brings education and love

to marginalized communities around the world.


Education for Impoverished Children

Rippled Purpose serves children living in tent communities and shacks in Bangalore, India.  We use non-formal and formal education to fight the vulnerabilities that lead to the horrors of child labor and human trafficking. 

Our program director and 4 teachers incorporate singing, dancing, playing and coloring into the educational curriculum to foster a love of learning!


Non-Formal Education & Skills Training (NEST)

The NEST program is created for children who have never been to school. It sparks excitement for learning and offers a safe place for marginalized children to be nurtured and empowered.


Formal Education

Our kids love learning! Over the past year we've added K and 1st grade curriculum, with the hopes of expanding the school further and continuing our children's path to an improved life.



Education for Women

Women's Empowerment & Viable Economic Sustainability (WEAVES)

Our hearts led us to help the oppressed women bringing their children to class each day. WEAVES teaches young women a skill that offers a better life for them and their children.


Our Vision: Creating A Sustainable Ecosystem

In Bangalore, India, women are taught how to sew. Upon graduation, they are able to generate an income and financially support their children's education.



Education provides an alternate path and eradicates the vulnerabilities that proliferate human trafficking. The programs that Rippled Purpose support provide a safe place for children while their parents are at work and access to a high quality education.