Poverty perpetuates child labor…education provides the solution.

  • When children begin working at 10 years of age or younger, they can only expect to work in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs for the rest of their lives.  

  • It is easy to exploit a laborer who cannot count.  They are unable to verify that their pay is indeed correct and are at the mercy of their bosses.  

  • Often, children do not speak the local language and are not able to fight for better wages as adults because they cannot communicate effectively.  

  • Research shows that people who have an education are more likely to vote in elections than those who are illiterate.  When people from lower socioeconomic levels (which tends to be the majority) are empowered to vote, their voices foster democratic policies and promote peace.


The only solution to survive for these families was forcing their children to work with them at a young age.  Now, parents learn the value of education and how school can provide a different path. There is hope.

Our programs provide basic math and English skills.  Loving teachers cultivate gender equality through lessons that focus on love and respect, equally to all.  Seeds are planted and nourished.  Our children bring what they have learned home.   

Join us in fighting child labor at the grassroots level...one precious child at A time.