Our Ripples: 2015 Annual Report

Our New NEST Center

NEST, our Non-formal Education & Skills Training program began in the living room of a kind elderly woman's shack - the "grandmother" of the community.  

We were so thrilled to moved into our very own shack (photo above), but quickly out grew its one room. Our children sat on the concrete floor because there was no room or budget for anything else.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to move into our very own center, complete with desks and chairs last year.

This is truly a facility of love for our children to learn, play and grow!

Play is the best thing for children

One of the most precious things is the sound of a child's laugh. Their smiles, priceless. Last year, your donations gave us the ability to create the ultimate "Disneyland" for our children, where laughs and smiles are countless. 

Our children live in tents and sleep on hard dirt floors; their toys, sticks and stones. Now, they are able to come to a place that not only surrounds them with love and educates their minds, it also gives them the chance to be kids.  To laugh and play.

Their magical playground doesn't take away the harsh realities of their life in the lowest caste.  But it does give them the ability to create a space where they are equal.


$45,631 Annual Income • $42,620 Annual Expense


seeding hope for marginalized children in bangalore 

Our NEST Center serves children living in nearby tent communities. Our goal is to provide education and life skills training so these rays of light have a chance at a different life. One that is filled with hope.

Their families are from remote villages, forced to move to the city to survive. Bangalore is the IT capital of Southeast Asia.  Construction jobs are plentiful, but the pay is cheap. Older children and their parents work Monday through Saturday, sun up to sun down. The younger children were left to fend for themselves, open to the dangers of exploitation and abuse. Now they have a safe place where they can learn and play.  

Many are malnourished and often get sick, so medical attention and daily nourishment are also vital parts of our NEST program. 

Education for all is a basic human right. Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty. Together we are protecting our children from exploitation and vulnerability.


Rippled Purpose supports school in Goa, India

It was DeAnne’s work with the founder of a children’s preschool in West India that planted the seed for Rippled Purpose. Donations in 2015 have supported education and medical attention for children like Neha, who needs an operation on her legs.


Rippled Purpose was so blessed to add another precious member to our family last year!

Our program director, Blessy and her husband Julian welcomed a beautiful baby girl last year. Charis Jade was born December 21st and her little light shines already!




A Big Thank You To Our Donors

Our Work Is Not Possible Without You

I’ve been a supporter of Rippled Purpose for the past few years and absolutely love the heart of NEST and the impact it has on children’s lives. From slums and roaming in the street with no supervision, to an opportunity to be loved on, cared for and educated through school, Rippled Purpose is changing the lives of these kids. I knew the stories of some of the children and saw the pictures, and immediately became a huge advocate. But when I stepped inside that school in Bangalore in January, my life changed. These kids are now some of the happiest children I’ve ever seen. To think prior to NEST most didn’t know what a toothbrush was, didn’t understand the concept of self-worth, or have any opportunity for basic schooling is truly unbelievable. I’m forever a supporter of the change agent Rippled Purpose has been and continues to be!
— Jennifer Williams

A Message from Rippled Purpose's Founder

It’s hard to imagine families living in tents, sleeping on the ground, without running water or electricity.  Young children left to fend for themselves from abuse while their parents work in construction from sun up to sun down six days a week.

When I saw these tent communities on a trip to India, and the young children wandering around by themselves, I instantly knew “we could do better”.  

We started NEST (Non-formal Education and Skills Training) in a small shack owned by an elderly woman who lived there with her daughters. We were able to move into our own shack and quickly outgrew the space.

Last year was an incredible year for our children.  We moved into a building that was an actual school! Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we even added a playground and uniforms!  

Life for people in the lowest caste in India is hard.  They are taken advantage of at every turn.  Employers cheat the already cheap laborers because they cannot count. Violence and abuse towards women and children is rampant. Our news has started to report the incidences of rape and murder, but it does not even speak to the reality of the actual number of cases.

We know education is the answer, especially educating girls. Our NEST Center acts much like an animal’s nest...to protect the ones who are unable to fend for themselves.

Together, we can continue to provide a haven where our students are safe and dreams are nurtured.

Thank you for joining me in seeding hope and spreading love to our precious children.