385 Million Children Live in Extreme Poverty


Poverty is most damaging to children.

Food deprivation effects the development

of their bodies and minds.



Source: World Bank Group & UNICEF

Education changes lives. Education saves lives. 


The power of education in changing lives is monumental.    

  • Education breaks the cycle of poverty.

  • Education gives marginalized children the ability to obtain better paying jobs as adults, increasing their family's income. 

  • Education eradicates the vulnerabilities that lead to child labor and human trafficking.

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Children enrolled 2018-2019 academic year


Children received medical & dental checkups



Children vaccinated against polio


$35 Changes a Life 

Donate and break the cycle of poverty

Giving children the chance to rise above oppression and poverty are the fundamental principles driving Rippled Purpose.

$35 will support one vulnerable child living in a tent dwelling community with access to all of our programs for one month.